meet the owner

Lori Harpsoe


What inspired you to start a Monkee's store? 


I've always dreamed of having my own boutique, but didn't know how to make it happen. I discovered my first Monkee's boutique in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and was captivated by the diverse designer offerings, the upscale atmosphere, and the personalized attention. Upon researching, I found out monkeys is a franchise that guides you through the process of opening a boutique. What I particularly loved is the creative freedom to choose designers for clothing, shoes, and accessories, allowing your store to reflect your unique style.


What am I looking forward to the most about my store opening? 


I'm thrilled to showcase the carefully selected designers and offerings, presenting a distinctive collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories to everyone.


Design of store


Nestled in the heart of Saint Armands Circle in Sarasota, Florida, a popular tourist destination, my store boasts a design that exudes a sophisticated and modern tropical ambiance. The intention is to inspire visitors to enjoy a carefree and enjoyable shopping experience within an atmosphere that radiates a high-end flair.


Some of the designers I am excited to share include:  Celiab, Saylor, Generation Love, Kleid, Emily McCarthy and Marie Oliver. 


What makes my store stand out among other boutiques is the distinctive selection of designers and their collections of clothing, shoes, and accessories, all personally curated by me.